The Broadbeach Tavern is historic in many ways as it is the site for the Gold Coast’s first major hotel, The Lennons Hotel.

It's been nearly 25 years since the Gold Coast's first major hotel disappeared from the skyline but memories of Lennons Hotel remain strong.

Significant development began on the Coast in the wake of World War II, which had brought many servicemen to the sandy beaches.

Broadbeach had just five recorded residents by the end of the 1940s but soon came to the attention of the Lennons Hotel Group which in 1953 bought land formerly occupied by a sand mine.


By that time more than 300 people called Broadbeach home and witnessed the creation of the hotel that occupied the site of what is now the Oasis shopping centre.

It was designed by Dr Karl Langar and featured several poolside attractions, including a fountain created by Brisbane sculptor Len Shillam.

The hotel was just five storeys high but immediately took the crown as the Coast's tallest building when it was completed in 1956. It was opened on December 17.

It dominated the local landscape, being the lone structure surrounded by sand.


When the first stages of the Lennon's Broadbeach were being planned and developed, there were sand dunes and no houses within at least a mile of the site.

The first licensee of Lennon’s Hotel was Edward Bewkey and, in 1961, the hotel was taken over by the Federal Group who brightened the facade with coloured masonite panels and changed their approach to appeal to younger holiday makers looking for more budget priced getaways.


The formal clothes previously worn by hotel staff were replaced with informal tropical themed outfits. The hotel would boast the first ever ‘outdoor’ dance floor which would path the way in history as a dancing hotel to this day.


The more casual approach did not yield the desired results either and Queensland Breweries purchased the hotel in 1965 after it had been passed in at a public auction in 1963. Chevron Queensland leased the hotel from Queensland Breweries and changed the name to the Broadbeach International Hotel.

The hotel management turned their focus to live stage shows, which included ice skating performances and Las Vegas style showgirls. It was also the home of the very first ‘Schoolies’ celebrations and would play host for many years after until the event was distributed to multiple accommodation sites.


Despite its iconic status the hotel was not considered a financial success and it eventually closed its doors and was demolished in 1987.

The Broadbeach International Hotel was demolished in 1987 to make way for the Oasis on Broadbeach Shopping Resort, the Broadbeach Tavern and the Pan Pacific Gold Coast Hotel.


In 1989 The Broadbeach Tavern commenced its operations under The Broadbeach Tavern Pty Ltd. The hotel consisted of a public bar known as the Clipper Bar, A lounge area known as The Bear Bar, Gaming Lounge & Nightways Nightclub on level 1.

The Nightways nightclub underwent four renovations and name changes until it’s closure in 2003. The Nightways nightclub, Cheeky’s, The Rock Room & The Edge.

The Clipper Bar drew its inspiration and theme from the nautical realm was & considered the ‘go to’ bar with all Gold Coast locals and visitors for more than a decade. The Clipper Bar would eventually see it’s day and after major renovations in 1999, the bar took up its most notorious name, The Liars Bar.

The Liars bar was an iconic feature of The Gold Coast hospitality scene. The Liars Bar concept was grown quite literally out of ‘a pack of lies’. The bar boasted fictitious quotes from celebrities and alike on everything from it’s coasters, glassware, walls and even the ceiling. The lies were legendary.

The Liars bar hosted national & international music acts and was the cornerstone of the Gold Coast live music scene for more than two decades.

The Broadbeach Tavern was listed for sale in early 2001 and was purchased by Doggle Pty Ltd where it ran the business until hotel powerhouse, MGW sought to purchase the business in early 2002.

On the 18th of May 2002, MGW Pty Ltd undertook ownership of business of Broadbeach Tavern until and currently remains the business owner under the ALH Group Pty Ltd.


17th December 1956 - Lennon’s Hotel opened

1961 - Federal Hotel Group Purchased Lennon’s Hotel

1963 - Federal Hotel Group puts Lennon’s Hotel up for auction

1965 - Queensland Breweries purchases Lennon’s Hotel

1965 - Changed name to ‘The Broadbeach’ International Hotel

1970 - ‘Schoolies’ first originated at The Hotel

1986 - Queensland Breweries lists Hotel for sale

1987 - ‘The Broadbeach’ International Hotel closes

1987 - ‘The Broadbeach’ International Hotel is demolished

1989 - The Oasis shopping centre is opened consisting of a The Broadbeach Tavern, Pan Pacific Hotel & Broadbeach Shopping Mall.

1989 - The Broadbeach Tavern opens with The Clipper Bar, The Bear Bar, Gaming Room & Nightways Nightclub.

1989 - 2003 - Nightclub changes Nightways - Cheeky’s - The Rock Room - The Edge before closing in 2002.

1999 - Clippers Bar renovated and turned to the Liars Bar

2001 - Doggle Pty Ltd purchases The Broadbeach Tavern.

18th May 2002 - MGW Hotels Pty Ltd purchases The Broadbeach Tavern